Take a look around your property – what do you see? Whether you’re a medical building or a restaurant, an office or a retail store, one common answer holds true. Concrete surfaces are likely a dominating factor. The Powerwash Company protects your curb appeal and your investment with our concrete cleaning solution.

The Pressure Washing Solution

Our team uses advanced pressure washing technology, paired with the best cleaners, to enhance the appearance and ensure a surface free from any contaminants that could pose a slip and fall hazard when wet.

Expert Service You Can Rely On
A few of our core services include:
  • Dumpster pad cleaning
  • Drive thru cleaning
  • Gas station fuel pads
  • Entryway cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Gum removal

With our professionals, there’s no such thing as concrete that’s “too dirty.” There’s simply an effective solution in the lineup.

A Customized Service for Every Surface

We provide hot pressure washing solutions for all of the surfaces that get plenty of foot and vehicle traffic, high visibility, and lots of wear.

Whether your hardscapes just need a quick refresh or a complete deep clean, we’re here to elevate your standards. The Powerwash Company uncovers the “just like new” look for your property with pressure washing services that truly make a difference.