Do You Need A Professional to Clean Your Deck? Yes, and Here’s Why

If you are noticing your deck is starting to look a little faded, worn down, or dull then it is probably time to have a professional deck cleaning. Decks have a high amount of foot traffic which causes dirt and debris to get compacted in wood. Add the wear and tear from mother nature, and regularly deck cleaning is necessary to maintain a vibrant, beautiful wood deck. When your deck needs cleaned, you should hire a professional to get it done correctly; here’s why:

DIY Solutions Cause Problems

One of the first reactions homeowners have when they notice their deck is looking bad is to rush down to their nearest hardware store, rent a pressure washer, and start blasting the dirt away. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of problems. Unlike concrete which can withstand pretty much any type of pressure, wooden decks aren’t as durable. Using pressure that is too high can leave gouges in the surface and cause permanent damage to the planks themselves.

Always Use A Professional Deck Cleaning Company

When you use a professional service, you will have an expert judge what type of cleaning your deck needs. Depending on the material, you may need soft washing instead of power washing. Soft washing is a technique that combines safe detergents with lower pressure washing to get rid of algae, dirt, and other types of buildup without putting the actual wood decking at risk.

How Often Should You Have Your Deck Cleaned?

Decks should have routine cleaning and maintenance at least once every year, but the actual schedule can vary. If you plan on painting your deck, for example, you should have it professionally cleaned first. The area you live in will also affect how often your deck needs cleaned; areas with higher humidity typically see more growth and buildup and may need their decks professional cleaned twice per year.

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