Fleet Washing: When, Why, How?

Have you ever wondered how people wash semi trucks? They don’t exactly fit through gas station car washes, nor do most car detailers advertise semi services. With such large and powerful machines, getting them fully and efficiently cleaned can pose quite a challenge. Fleet Washing is one solution to the repeated challenge of trying to keep your semi trucks clean and in good condition, but how do you know when it’s time to get a wash? Where can you have one done? And how on earth will they manage to clean everything?

            Fleet washing should occur regularly, at a minimum of at least once a month. The more often you clean your fleet trucks, the easier they are to clean and the less dirt and grime will build up, so establishing a regular washing routine is likely to get you into a good habit of quick and easy fleet maintenance. Trucks are one of the biggest and most popular modes of transportation in the US, so finding a good time to take your truck fleet out of commission for washing might be a challenge. Try rotating them out so that you always have a few available but also have a few getting cleaned for maximum efficiency.

            Having your fleet washed regularly is a major part of truck fleet maintenance and management. Regular cleaning flushes out dirt, dust, and mold that could pose a problem to the structural integrity of your machine in addition to shining it up. It also prevents rust from forming, something that can crack through parts of your machine. Cleaning out the interior of your fleet is another good service: cleaning out accumulated dirt, grime, and other decay makes a cab interior healthier and keeps your storage areas in good condition, preventing other problems down the line.

            Fleet washing is relatively simple to undertake, even if it seems time-consuming or intimidating. Most professional cleaning teams will start by spraying soap or cleaning solution on to the cab and exterior of the truck, using a scrub brush extension to reach taller areas. For tougher stains, they’ll rinse down the exterior and apply again, scrubbing out hard to reach spots by hand until every inch of your exterior surface is shiny clean. The interior, wheels, and exterior will all get flushed and your windows treated and sprayed before a final rinse is done and your truck is ready to roll.

            Regular fleet maintenance is an essential part of truck maintenance, and our professional fleet washing team knows how to get the job done right. For high quality cleans at affordable rates that provide promising results time and time again, contact us to get your fleet maintenance scheduled today.

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