What We Do

Your home deserves to make that maximum impact, and The Powerwash Company is here to facilitate that result. We work with homeowners to provide the best in house washing service.

Exposure will take its toll on your home exterior. Your siding often takes the biggest hit, and the result can be an ugly one. Our experts are here to ensure that your home maintains and enhances its curb appeal, all while protecting the long term appearance of your home’s exterior.

With Every House Wash We:
  • Remove stains and pollutants
  • Kill mold, mildew, and algae
  • Restore the brightness to siding, trim, and rain gutters
  • Cleaning services for other areas of your property

With a proven-effective solution designed to strip away buildup from your siding, our goal is simple: Restore the “like new” effect to your property.

How We Do It

Our team pairs soft washing with environmentally friendly cleaners to restore the appearance and quality of your siding. We’ve carefully formulated our entire process to make it impactful, property-safe, and quality driven. This soft wash solution uses a low water pressure (we compare it to a garden hose) to meticulously clean your exterior surface.

Our Soft Washing Solution Is:

  • Suitable for vinyl, hardiboard, wood, stone, stucco, composite, and brick
  • Safe for your landscaping, pets, and groundwater
  • Low pressure to prevent water intrusion or siding damage

We take quality very seriously – and our soft house washing service ensures that your property is getting the best. With the best equipment to back us up, your home exterior will look like its best self… And will look so new that your neighbors will ask whether you got a lightning-fast siding replacement service. Trust us, it’s happened before!

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