How do you clean heavily soiled concrete?

Don’t power wash your heavily soiled driveway

If your driveway is more than just dirty, it probably has stains made of mold and algae. The first thing people always go for is the garden hose. Once they discover that this isn’t enough to actually clean the driveway, they grab a pressure washer next. However, this isn’t the best way to clean the driveway. Pressure washing doesn’t clean. Pressure washing is great for moving debris, leaves, dust, and dirt. Pressure washing literally pushes the dirt off of a surface. If there is mold or algae growth issue, it has most likely invaded all of the pores on the concrete.

Soft wash for a complete clean

For a complete clean, a soft wash will lift the dirt off the surface not just push it off. Soft washing also lifts the dirt, stains, and mold from the crevices that pressure washing can’t reach. Soft washing uses a detergent similar to what you use in your laundry soap. Once the soap has had a chance to lift the mold, the bleach kills any bacteria, and a low-pressure water hose can be used to wash away the dirty water. There are only three main ingredients in soft washing. The first is bleach. Bleach kills any bacteria, mold, or viruses that are growing on your concrete. The second is a surfactant. This is the cleaning power that you find in your laundry detergent. The last ingredient is water, used to dilute the mixture.

Hire a professional for the best materials

However, it is hard to know exactly how to mix the chemicals and which to even buy. Instead of investing in materials, a professional can bring everything to your house and complete the job for you. They are able to gauge the type of filth covering your driveway and use the right pressure and cleaning solution that will make your concrete look new again.

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