Is it better to pressure wash or soft wash a deck? Both methods can be used if done correctly, but always hire a professional cleaning company to clean your deck.

Not sure whether to pressure wash or soft wash your deck? Both are promising options, but each method has its own benefits to consider to achieve your desired results. It’s best to hire a professional cleaning company to determine the proper solution and allow them to clean your deck safely.

Pressure washing is a cleaning procedure that sprays water at a high intensity, forcing out any dirt embedded in an exterior surface. Because of the extreme power, this is a highly efficient technique for removing debris from surfaces that may contain small cracks or grooves, which otherwise prove difficult to scrub out. Soft washing, however, uses a much lower pressure of water spray. In this treatment, a specialized cleaning solution is applied to the surface in need and then left to sit, giving it time to break down any dirt and mildew. After it successfully penetrates the area, the solution is then rinsed off along with the previous grime. Soft washing is often recommended for surfaces that require a gentler clean. While both are effective in attaining a thorough washing, one might suit your deck better than the other— it all depends on your specific space.  

While it may be tempting to try it yourself, you should always contact a professional cleaning company to service your deck instead. Pressure washing can be extremely dangerous for beginners, as the pressure is strong enough to bruise or cut through skin. It can also cause decks to splinter or break if the spray isn’t controlled with the proper techniques. Likewise, soft washing also has its risks, as it uses a variety of chemicals that could potentially be harmful to you or your home’s surroundings. By consulting with a certified cleaning specialist, you’ll be guaranteed a stress-free experience while prioritizing the quality and safety of your home.

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