Is It Better To Soft Wash Or Pressure Wash My House? Soft Washing Is Better, Pressure Washing Can Damage Your Siding.

Professional washing services are a professional way to get your house cleaned. This is done through water being released at a high pressure on unreachable surfaces, to allow for the cleaning of exterior. However, there are three different types; power washing, pressure washing and soft washing. Soft washing is the better alternative because the water pressure in comparison is lower and less harsh to that of pressure washing.

How Is Soft Washing Better?

That’s right. Although both sorts of Power washing options are very good, Soft washing is a better alternative to clean your home. The reason behind this being the water pressure used in soft washing. Rinsing and cleaning applications are done for less than 500 PSI in soft washing. To make this method less harsh to your home’s exterior, the tip used to pressure wash is replaced with a wider one. This further decreases the amount of water pressure. Apart from this, the cleaning materials used in soft washing are ecofriendly as well.

Pressure washing, on the other hand, uses a water pressure of more than 500 PSI. So does power washing. The only difference is the heat used in this method. In this way, there are great chances of your home’s exterior getting ruined. The extreme pressure of the water can damage the vinyl sidings or wood shingles of your house and they may even be torn apart. At times, if the distance between your house and the pressure washing machine is not accurate, the pressure of the water becomes stronger and directly aims at destructing of surfaces.

Soft washing is a better alternative for personal properties, as the work is more specific and defined. Through power washing and pressure washing, you may get the tasks done in a quicker amount of time, but the risks of property damage are great. Commercial properties usually revert to it due to the advantage of less time it takes for the task to be done. However, Soft washing is recommended for residential properties if you wish to keep your home’s exterior intact in the long run.

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