Pressure Washing or Power Washing – Which is Better?

Typically, water alone does not thoroughly clean. Water is the start of the cleaning and the rinse mechanism, but often other products need to be added for surfaces to be truly maintained and ridded of algae, dirt, grime and other unwanted objects and particles. And yet, a significant number of people solely use water to clean the exterior of their homes. The two main types of washing are pressure washing and power washing. So, do they actually clean and which of the two is best?

Pressure washing and power washing are terms used interchangeably. No difference exists except for where you live. Power washing has its origins, and some will say Power Washing is using heat. Because of this thought, some think power washing is best for severely dirty outdoor areas. Other will think Power washing is the more specialty method used for homes because of its proficiency at ridding decks, siding, and other areas of serious dirt, mildew, and mold. Power washing is the same process as pressure washing.  

Pressure washing, then, does not use heat, or does it? Pressure washing is the more common name in some areas used for washing of homes and buildings. It is the exact same process, just different verbiage. It will also remove tough stains from walkways and sidewalks, driveways, decks, and roofs as power washing can.

Because the main difference between pressure washing and power washing is where you live, it is important to know that each will clean every surface. Though, neither pressure washing, nor power washing is a singular cleaning solution. It can take away, but it cannot sanitize what it touches. For that type of clean a solution is required, such as detergent or chemical solutions which can be utilized with a soft wash. Power washing and, or pressure washing should be used for all exterior cleaning on sidewalks, overgrown weeds, and underneath decks that have mildew or other accumulated junk, but a professional cleaning agent is required to effectively clean. Understanding that both pressure washing and power washing are the same while knowing that water alone doesn’t clean, is important when choosing the right company to clean your exterior!

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