The appearance of your building isn’t always in your control. In Massachusetts, weather conditions can have as big an impact on your property as“people traffic.” In order to keep your business looking its best, we deliver a soft wash solution that restores your exterior.

For most customers, your building is the entry point for your business. The Powerwash Company makes that first impression a positive and consistent one with our exterior building and storefront washing solutions. Call today for a free building cleaning quote: 508-823-9274

(508) 823-9274


When graffiti takes your property by surprise, The Powerwash Company has your back. Our technicians are here to bring a swift solution to your most pressing vandalism issues.

Some of our customers know too well what an impact graffiti can have on your property. Whether the message is offensive or simply ugly, it’s an element that your business can do without.

Graffiti is most often a surprise, and it’s an unpleasant and inconvenient one at that. We have worked hard to create a graffiti removal service that makes surface restoration a seamless and swift process for our customers.

When your property needs graffiti removal the most, The Powerwash Company is here to set a solution into place. Call us today: 508-823-9274

(508) 823-9274

fleet services


If a vehicle fleet or heavy equipment is integral to your business, then maintenance goes hand-in-hand. The Powerwash Company is a provider of professional fleet and equipment washing solutions that will get you ready to go on the road.

Our technicians are specialists in vehicle cleaning services, and their expertise shows. No matter what type of fleet or equipment you have, we have a solution. The trained professionals at The Powerwash Company provide thorough, quality work so your heavy equipment can stay looking and running great. Call us today: 508-823-9274

(508) 823-9274