Soft washing

Do you think which Cleaning service is better for your home? Or is there better service other than pressure washing? Yes, there is. It is simply soft Washing

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a cleaning method that involves running water through a pump without pressure to remove dust and stain from surfaces. It also allows the gentle flow of water on the surface rather than pressuring the water. It uses a chemical cleaning solution to remove stains and disinfect it. Before, it was a pressure washing that was used for cleaning many surfaces. Yes, pressure washing is good, but it was noticed that it brought more damage to delicate material like the roof due to the high pressure it delivers. What then solves this problem? We all know Science and technology are always about solving human problems and bringing efficiency to equipment and process. With the advancement of technology, soft washing was introduced in Florida back in the 1980s and is now widely used to clean dirt on roofs and other surfaces like gutters, downspouts, bricks, sandstone, limestone, wood and decking materials, vinyl and aluminum siding. Yes, then what is special about it? Continue reading to know the function of soft washing, how it operates, and why it’s more preferred.

In soft washing, the eco-friendly cleaning solution will first break and loosen the green, black algae, lichen, and grime. It will further be removed by the gentle flow of water without damaging the surface, as in the case of pressure washing, which damages the surface due to high pressure.

It not only spares your roof from damaging by pressure but also kills a wide range of microorganisms that spread on the roof. A special blend of cleaning agents is applied to the surfaces of the infected material. An adequate dwelling time is given for it to circulate into microorganisms like fungi, moss, algae, mildew, which will bring effective killing of them. This is what pressure washing cannot do so as to other services. After the treatment and killing of the microorganisms, low-pressure water is used to rinse the chemical solution together with the dirt and unwanted material away from the surface, which helps to bring an end to further spread of the microorganisms when washed and making the surface undistorted.

Soft Washing can also be used on hard surfaces, but hard surfaces filled with much dirt makes it hard to soft wash because of the gentle flow of water. Also, the chemical solution is environmentally friendly and not toxic. Applying with high chemical concentration carelessly on plant life or flowers may damage it. If properly used, it is a safe way to clean the surface; that is why you need to hire a professional in a cleaning company to help on your roof or other fragile surfaces if you don’t know how to handle it.

Today soft washing is the most preferred method to clean your roof and fragile material, giving full satisfaction in cleaning surfaces. Also, since there are more delicate materials at home, which you can soft wash and because of it’s sanitizing purpose, it’s highly of good use at home.

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