What Is The Safest Way To Clean Vinyl Siding?

What is Vinyl Siding and why does it need cleaning?

Nothing manufactured for house siding is bomb proof. That is a sad fact. Everything needs maintenance to stay effective and last longer. Vinyl siding is not an exception to this rule. Vinyl siding is a type of plastic manufactured siding molded to look like wooden clapboards. It is highly versatile, waterproof, and tough under harsh conditions and years of weather. But, if you want to keep your home looking fresh and clean you need to wash your siding regularly. This enhances the color, the health, and the value of your home immediately. Regardless of the type of siding cleaning is always suggested and advised by professionals as standard home maintenance.

Should I Soft Wash my Vinyl Siding?

Walking into a home improvement store can seem overpowering with all of the cleaning options. Do you hand scrub the walls? Do you buy or rent a power washing unit and blast the dirt away? Or what about soft washing? What is soft washing? Soft washing is the art of using soaps and a low-pressure sprayer. The soaps are similar to laundry detergents. These detergents are used to easily remove the dirt and grim without hurting the siding. Vinyl siding is overlapped to create the look. The soaps can get in all of the groves and cracks to fully remove the dirt and grime.

Why Can’t I Power Wash My Vinyl Siding?

Power washing is like punching a fly instead of smacking it with a fly swatter. It is not only overkill, but it can damage your hand or whatever the fly was on. The same thing applies to power washing. Your vinyl siding can get damaged by the high pressure of the wash by removing bits of paint and denting the siding. So, don’t dent your vinyl siding. Instead, use soaps and soft water to soft wash the dirt and grime off your siding.

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