Why Roof Washing?

We all know that roof is one of the most essential parts of a building that provides coverage from sunlight, rainfall, and external factors to comfort the people under the roof. “A house without roof is grossly unfinished, incomplete and desolate”… Why? Because nobody can reside there. The roof is a long time investment that brings comfort to people residing under it.

Why must I spend my money on roof cleaning when I know it will still get dirty? Does it really matter? Yes, indeed! Why do you wash your child’s clothes or cap after using it since it will still get dirty tomorrow? Hmmm! It’s a different case, right? Okay, let consider together reasons why your roof should be cleaned.

Apart from attractive, fascinating appearance, roof washing gives your roof a good life span. Many people don’t even care about clearing their roofs because they don’t know its advantage. “When a purpose of a thing is not known it will be at your disadvantage.” Yes, the money you will use to replace or repair a roof will be more than cleaning a roof thereof.

You will never consider how dirty your roof is. Even when you think about it, you probably believe that your roof would be filthy to see anyway. But you may not notice that are making your roof highly vulnerable if it is not washed seasonally.

Maybe you probably notice black stripes on at least some of your buildings, or even when you look outside and see the roof of every house in your neighborhood. You also notice the same thing. These black stripes are algae. Not only is your roof filthy, but your shingles have been destroyed, and your roof’s life span has been decreased. The shingles break down is caused by the decomposition caused by algae, fungi moss, and other organic matter. Because of the hunger of fungi and bacteria for limestone filler, they metabolize on the shingles forming black stripes and darkening the shingles. Excess heat caused by the darkening of shingles makes the shingles absorbed more heat, which dried the shingles. Normally on the north side, this infestation starts where the roof is shaded from the sun and spread through the remaining part of the roof.

Whenever there is rainfall, water then spreads the algae down the roof into the canals and gives the appearance of black strands as they spread. Employing a specialist or roof cleaning firm can clean a residential roof and clear the infestation from the source, wash the spores and mold spreading them over the algae

How to have a roof washing?

A specialist or a professional in pressure washing firms should be employ.  You can also do the job if you like, but you must be able to operate the soft washer and know how to use it to wash some bleaching chemical solution is also added with detergent to water to remove fungi, algae, bacteria, moss, mold and other organic growth on the roof. You have to be careful with the chemical solution when using it.

Cleaning of a roof is done to aid a unique blend of protection anti-microbial cleaning solution for at least two years to effectively remove the source (algae, moose, fungi, fungi, etc.) from the roof by soft washing.


Looking at the danger caused by microorganisms on your roof. It’s important to give attention and care to the roof. Regular inspection and cleaning by a professional firm will certainly pay off in the long run and make you and your family live happily and comfortably in your home.

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