Why You Should Never Pressure Wash Your House

It’s no secret that pressure washing is both quick and easy, and it’s definitely satisfying to see it lift dirt and stains with ease. With its highly powerful spray, buildups of grime and mildew don’t stand a chance. While it’s great for tackling tough surfaces like your concrete driveway, pressure washing is definitely not a procedure you can afford to make a mistake with. In actuality, the aggressive spray can cause permanent damage to many materials, most of which you’ll commonly find around your own home. Here are just a few items that should never be treated with a pressure washer:


Windows or any sort of glass should be avoided at all costs. The spray of a pressure washer can cause shattering and cracks, or even force water into the internal structure of the home.  

Stained or Painted Wood

If you want your wooden surface to stay beautifully finished, definitely don’t treat it with a pressure washer. The force can remove both stain and paint, causing it to chip or fade. Additionally, the wood itself could be damaged, leaving behind etched or splintered areas.

Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioners are not only fragile, but they’re also full of complex parts. They can definitely be a pain to clean, but never treat them with a pressure washer. Small fins and coils could instantly be crushed and bent, which would likely lead to issues of restricted air flow.

If your home is in need of a refresh, don’t just jump to pressure washing—make sure you’re aware of the materials that can and can’t be pressure washed. You don’t want to risk any costly damage and repairs! Call our team at The Powerwash Company and we’ll service your home with both quality and care.

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