What We Do

For most customers, your building is the entrypoint to your business. The Powerwash Company makes that first impression a positive and consistent one with our exterior building and storefront washing solutions.
The appearance of your building isn’t always in your control. In Massachusetts, weather conditions can have as big an impact on your property as“people traffic.” In order to keep your business looking its best, we deliver a soft wash solution that restores your exterior.
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Our team works with properties that span many industries. This means that we’re equipped to give a facelift to any building – big or small, single to multi-story. We provide:
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  • Building Stain Removal
  • Exterior cleaning and brightening

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  • Sidewalk brightening and gum removal

We know that you have a busy schedule, and that’s why we work hard to arrange our cleaning at a time that doesn’t disrupt your operations. Customers can count on the curb appeal that will make your location a positive reflection of your business.

How We Do It

We employ industry-approved cleaning techniques to restore your exterior. Depending on the type of surface of your  of your building, we will either soft wash or power wash the surface to maximize results in a safe and effective manner.
Quality is the cornerstone of every service. So when our technicians arrive for your building or storefront washing service, you’ll always receive:
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  • Top-grade pressure washing equipment
  • Environmentally responsible cleaners

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  • Efficient, effective service

To learn more how our team can meet your ongoing exterior cleaning needs, reach out to start the conversation today.

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