What We Do

When the weather is nice, your deck is the nucleus of your home. The Powerwash Company helps this outdoor space receive the professional maintenance it needs to prosper.

For decking, weathering is a constant challenge. Exposure is a day-in and day-out occurrence, and the impact can take a significant toll on your property. Our restoration services are designed to protect the integrity, the quality, and the safety of your porch or deck.

Expert Service You Can Rely On
Our Deck Cleaning Team Specializes In:

  • Cleaning your deck to remove dirt, algae, mildew, and other buildup

With the best cleaners combined with able technicians and proper equipment, a beautiful deck will always be part of your property’s equation. With our professionals leading your restoration service, a beautiful deck isn’t just a goal: It’s a guarantee.

How We Do It

All of our restoration solutions succeed in making your deck look and feel like new. We tailor our cleaning approach to meet the requirements of your decking material – whether it’s composite or wood, we have the professional answer.

Our restoration services are a trifecta of success. Pressure washing strips away the contaminants that cause splintering and rotting, restoring a rejuvenated appearance to the surface and helps prevent accidents from slippery algae & mildew.

Our Deck Washing Gallery