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Specialist Deck Restoration in Taunton MA

The decking at your home is most likely a focal point. When the weather is sunny or the evenings are warm, the deck is the perfect place for your friends and family to hang out. It’s even the top spot at the house to sit alone and listen to the world go by as you unwind. Because it is such a hub of the house, you must keep it in the best condition so you can fully enjoy it. At The Powerwash Company, we have the most experienced and skilled team of technicians needed to deliver our specialist deck restoration in Taunton MA. We can restore your decking and have it looking ready for everyone to enjoy in no time at all.

Our Taunton Deck Restoration Services

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Wood Deck

Wood decking adds a lot of rustic beauty and charm to any home. Unfortunately, with the decking dealing with exterior elements and the weather daily, it can soon lose its original appeal. However, you don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on equipment or even replacements. All you need is The Powerwash Company. We have the finest deck restoration in Taunton MA, with fantastic results and even better prices.

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Composite Deck

At The Powerwash Company, we can restore composite decking to the same high standards as our wood restorations. Composite is no challenge for us as we safely and effectively transform into your decking, giving your backyard a new lease of life. Our soft washing for deck restoration will give you exceptional results, and you’ll fall in love with your decking all over again.

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Looking out into your yard or garden and seeing green and mucky fencing every day can feel frustrating. Fencing costs a lot of money to replace, and store-bought cleaners usually have disappointing results. But fortunately, with The Powerwash Company, you no longer need to worry. Our professional fence restoration will leave your fencing looking brand new.

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How We Do Our Deck Restoration in Taunton MA

Of course, with a more delicate surface like wood, we have the utmost care when it comes to your deck restoration in Taunton MA. By combining top-grade equipment and highly trained technicians, we can safely and swiftly transform your decking. For the cleaning, we use soft washing; this is low-pressure washing that gently washes away all the dirt, grime, and mildew. We also use powerful cleaning detergents that are eco-friendly and 100% safe for your decking, home, and family. Our restoration services are there to protect the integrity, quality, and safety of your decking with guaranteed outstanding results. 

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Frequently Asked Taunton
Deck Restoration Questions

Deck staining can give you a heap of benefits. The staining seals the wood, which prevents a build-up of moisture, mold, mildew, and algae. It can also stop wood rot and even pests and insects from damaging the deck. The prevention of all these issues can save you a lot of stress and money in the long run. By using our professional deck restoration in Taunton MA, you too can enjoy these benefits.

Before any staining is applied, we first must prepare the wood. To do this, we clean the deck with a low-pressure washing method. We use soft washing and friendly detergents to rejuvenate the surface and remove all the mildew and dirt. Once we’re happy that the surface is completely clean, we then apply the wood stainer.

To help prolong the life of the wood and keep it looking its best, your deck should be stained around every two years. However, if your deck is having issues such as a build-up of mold or mildew or water is soaking through, then it’s definitely time for a restain. Your decking will last so much longer with professional staining from time to time.

We price our work based on the job’s size and requirements. Therefore, we offer everyone a free personalized quote so we can always give you the best price for our specialist deck restoration in Taunton MA. Our quotes are fast and will be the final price. We never have any hidden costs or extra charges.

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