Exceptional Clean from Bumper to Bumper

If a vehicle fleet or heavy equipment are integral to your business, then maintenance goes hand-in-hand. The Powerwash Company is a provider of professional fleet and equipment washing solutions that will get you ready to go on the road.

Our technicians are specialists in vehicle cleaning services, and their expertise shows: No matter what type of fleet or equipment you have, we have a solution.

Expert Service You Can Rely On
We provide ongoing washing solutions for:
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Buses
  • Delivery/Service trucks
  • Mail carriers
  • Tractor trailers

If it’s on the road, we can clean it. We take pride in offering a seamless and professional service that minimizes downtime so you can get back to the drive ahead of you.

Save Money and Your Reputation

By keeping your heavy fleet and equipment clean, your saving money on future repairs by spotting small problems early and preventing an unnecessary breakdown due to overheating. We work with Heavy Equipment fleets of all types and sizes. Our services include:

Our Service Includes:

  • Complete pressure cleaning of equipment
  • Job-site radiator cleaning
  • Engine steam cleaning & degreasing

The trained professionals at The Powerwash Company provide thorough, quality work so your heavy equipment can stay looking and running great.

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