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When environmental compliance, safety standards, and sanitation are top priorities, The Powerwash Company is here to deliver. Our industrial cleaning solutions protect the site that you count on to bring your workflow to life.
We know that reliable cleaning solutions are essential to the efficient workflow of your business.
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Every service is guided by a few core goals:
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  • Ensure that your facility can run seamlessly
  • Keep your workflow channeling efficiently

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  • Deliver environmental and safety compliance

Offering both routine maintenance and one-time deep cleans, there’s nothing that our team can’t do. We begin our relationship with all industrial clients with a conversation to decide what type of service plan makes the most sense for your property.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

No industrial property is like the other. Our services are customized to ensure that your site is getting exactly the solution it needs – and never anything less.
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We provide:

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  • Hot and cold pressure washing, dependent on the target surface
  • Steam cleaning to remove oil and grease

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  • Stain, buildup, and debris removal

We care about efficiency. All of our solutions are designed to minimize down-time for our clients, and our equipment enables us to deliver the most streamlined service to you. The result: You get back to work, and you have a safe, beautiful, and well-maintained property as your backdrop.

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